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What is Botox?

Botox® is a botulinum toxin that paralyzes or weakens muscles by blocking the synapse or connection between the nerves that stimulate the muscle to contract and the muscle itself.

For over 20 years Dr. Goldstein has treated patients with Botox for both cosmetic and medical conditions. As an ophthalmologist Dr. Goldstein has been trained to perform delicate procedures. His specialty focus on the area of the upper face and the eyes. In fact ophthalmologist were the first specialty to use Botox.

This drug has widespread cosmetic uses in enhancing facial enhancement. Many patients have angry looking face because of the contraction of the muscles between the eyes producing two vertical lines commonly referred to as 11 lines. Botox® injected in that area weakens the muscles reduces the 11 lines and the angry appearance disappears.

Crows feet which are a common aging sign and can appear as early as the thirties is a common sign of facial aging. Depending on how severe they are Botox® can significantly reduce or even eliminate them.
Forehead wrinkles can be reduced or eliminated with Botox® . However it is important not to overdo it to avoid and artificial appearance.

Drooping of the upper eyelids secondary to muscle overaction can to varying degrees be improved with the proper injection of Botox® .

Vertical lines above the upper lid can be reduced with Botox® .

There are other uses of Botox® that can achieve varying levels of success. Injection of Botox® into the neck bands helps reduce them to a limited degree and is worth trying at least once. If successful it can be continued .

A new trend in Botox® use is to start at a younger age for preventive purposes. Botox used on a regular basis keeps certain muscles that can cause facial problems weak. The rationale is that by constantly weakening the muscles the process of facial aging can be slowed down.

There are medical contraindications to Botox® including pregnancy. A small percentage of patients are allergic to the medication and should not be treated.

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Results may vary. Photos taken maximum frown and/or full before and after treatment BOTOX Cosmetic at day 7. In two clinical studies moderate to severe crow's , 26.1% and 20.3% people had 2-grade at day 30. In of these studies, 67.9% people had mild or crow's feet at day 30 treatment. In clinical studies moderate to severe frown , physicians assessed 80% people had significant improvement day 30.
Side effects associated with injection include localized pain, inflammation, tenderness, swelling, redness,bleeding/bruising.

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